Collect, then connect the dots

LynxCare's AI automatically collects relevant datapoints from large data sets, then structures them into scalable data warehouse infrastructure.

An end-to-end data processing, analytics & research platform

By centralizing hospital and patient data in a segmented, clinical-grade data warehouse, we help hospitals across the globe improve patient outcomes and make Real-World Data accessible for research efficiently.

Data ingestion

LynxCare’s local agent is a secure gateway to on-premise data. It’s capable of near real-time synchronisation of hospital data sets such as EHR information as well as other bespoke software.
  • Local installed LynxCare gateway for secure transfer of HIS-data including an HL7 transformator (ORU messaging)
  • Structured, unstructured and semi-structured data sources

    Request more information about the LynxCare gateway.

Data Processing & aggregation
via LynxCare's targeted data mining models

Lynxcare’s context specific data mining models extract & code EHR data with an accuracy of > 90%, enabling data to be used for Quality Management & Research.
  • Predefined data point list
  • NLP & Machine learning
  • Quality control ( no black box algorithm)
  • Continuous retraining with an accuracy of >90% per datapoint
  • Coding & pseudonymisation (SNOMED CT / UMLS)

Clinical data warehousing infrastructure

Data is then brought together in a single, resilient & secure data warehouse. The data is always property of the hospital and is stored according to the latest version of the OHDSI common data model, simplifying international data collaborations.
  • OMOP model (OHDSI)
  • Hospital controlled tenant
  • Plugin your own BI/ admin warehouse or use the predefined quality & research templates

Data visualisation

Lynxcare supports a library of off-the-shelf dashboards that provide insights on top of the aggregated data. Together with our team of clinical exports, custom dashboards can be developed to fit your needs.
  • Predefined Queries & Template reports for clinical & outcome research
  • Build your own reports on top of the enriched data warehouse
  • Enriched with predefined Queries for ease of use ( buckets/ HIPAA regulation/ GDPR regulation)

Collaborate & Benchmark

  • Leverage high level insights in multicenter real world evidence studies
  • Setup a benchmark between hospital/ data network to have an objective view on the quality of care provided and possible optimisation processes (data-driven pathway optimizer)
  • Become a data-driven innovator measuring the impact of innovation in near-real time on your own population.

Discover some ready-made solutions & use-cases

Developed together with clinical experts & hospital BI teams

LynxCare's Big Data platform offers hospitals a management cockpit visualizing quality indicators & the quality of care per department

  • Visualize key quality indicators
  • Simple dashboard that contain reams of data that were previously unavailable
  • Click-through dashboards, full trace back principle

LynxCare's Big Data platform offers hospitals an  international benchmark by mining legacy data &comparing with international registries.

  • Benchmark across international reference centers
  • Quickly drill down into specific cases

LynxCare's Data Platform allows hospitals to uncover real-world evidence insights for value-based contracting or reimbursement value-cases

  • Visualize key quality indicators
  • Disease-specific dashboards

Data infrastructure

Near real-time data ingestion

  • Lynxcare consumes data from several sources in near real-time, enabling you to browse data immediately.

Open platform

  • Tie in more data sources such as pharmacy date, claims data, billing data and other bespoke data sources.

Built on Azure

  • Built on top of Microsoft Azure’s PaaS & IaaS solutions. Maximally scalable, with data storage & service capabilities across the globe.

OMOP CDM standards

  • Databases are set up according to OMOP common data model standards. Lyxncare complies to OHDSI standards, allowing for seemless integration & modelling.

Secure access management

  • Simplify access management to (semi)-private data with Lynxcare’s simplified access management. Allow all departments in the hospital access to the correct data.

High-end tech stack

  • Our team of engineers, data scientists and medical specialists continuously deploy a modern tech stack including Elastic search, Databricks, MongoDb…

Artificial intelligence

More accurate than humans

  • LynxCare’s NLP algorithms have been proven to be more accurate than humans in extracting data from EHR.
    Read our peer review here.

Off-the-shelf models

  • LynxCare maintains a library of NLP models for different clinical fields such as oncology, urology, orthopaedics and cardiology. New models are prepared with a team of clinical experts.


  • LynxCare AI scales across languages. With support for English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch data sets.

Find answers to complex clinical questions.

We have a team of MDs, data scientists and software engineers ready to let data drive your outcomes.