Medical Disclaimer


Date of last revision: 09/05/2022

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For purpose of this disclaimer:

- "LynxCare", "we", or "us" means Lynxcare Clinical Informatics NV, Lynxcare Inc. and/or their affiliates;

- "LynxCare Offerings" means all the products and services offered by LynxCare. This includes the LynxCare Data Hub, and specifically the RWE Hub, RWE report and dashboards;

- “you” means you as (representative of) a purchaser, licensor, user, viewer or inquirer relating to LynxCare Offerings.

Intended Uses

LynxCare Offerings are only intended for building structured databases containing clinical data already available in the information system of hospitals (or other healthcare providers) to help them and industry partners generate insights on aggregated patient population level for purposes of scientific research, incl. specifically monitoring general quality of care. LynxCare uses patented/IP protected software which, compared to manual processing, allows for a faster and equally (or more) accurate data extraction, data structuring and subsequent data storage in a database. LynxCare may also provide dashboards to allow simple search actions within the structured database or parts thereof.

Unintended Uses

LynxCare Offerings are not intended by LynxCare to be used for medical purposes and are not fit for use for any such medical purposes. The LynxCare software essentially performs transfer/communication, structuring, storage and simple search actions on existing patient data. It does not in itself generate insights that can be or are intended to be used for the medical care of specific individuals.

By purchasing, licensing, viewing, using and/or inquiring about LynxCare Offerings, you specifically acknowledge and agree that the LynxCare Offerings are not intended and are not fit:

i. for any clinical or medical use including diagnosis, prevention, prediction, prognosis, monitoring, treatment and/or alleviation of, or compensation for any disease, injury or disability. For the avoidance of doubt, this also includes any unintended use as an aid in treatment, aid in diagnosis, triage or identification of signs of a disease or condition, or guide diagnostics or treatment interventions, inform of options for treating, diagnosing, preventing, or mitigating a disease or condition, or provide any form of clinical information, for individual patients;

ii. for any investigation, analysis or treatment of a physiological or pathological process or state of a patient. For the avoidance of doubt, this also includes any unintended use as a tool for any support, recommendation, interpretation, advice, counseling, explanation, guidance, supplement, replacement or aid in making medical decisions on diagnosis, treatments or patient follow-up in any way;

iii. for any other form of individual medical care or medical care services (therapeutic, preventive or otherwise); and

iv. for use as a medical device software, and that they are not certified as such.

You acknowledge, agree, and confirm that at no time LynxCare Offerings shall be used by you for any of the above unintended uses.

Exclusion of Liability

LynxCare bears no responsibility for any unintended use of LynxCare Offerings by you or any other person, such as healthcare provided to a patient based on data obtained through the LynxCare Offerings. LynxCare is likewise not responsible for the operation, settings, outcomes (including accuracy or level of detail or completeness) and any other effects or results of freestanding or connected instruments, kits, equipment or devices that might be used by you or any other person in conjunction with the LynxCare Offerings for any unintended use.

Accordingly, you acknowledge that LynxCare does not bear the liability of a health care provider, medical service provider, medical device software manufacturer, or wholesaler or broker of medical devices or drugs. You acknowledge that the professional duty to the patient in providing healthcare services lies solely with the healthcare professional and/or health care institution providing patient care services, and that LynxCare or LynxCare Offerings do not replace or substitute them and do not in any way enter into any other healthcare relationship with patients.


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