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Clinical data warehouses allow hospitals to unlock their data for primary and secondary (re)use, improving the quality of care.

With hospitals in control of the data, they can collaborate easily with life science companies under a federated model to generate qualitative RWE at scale.

Improving the quality of care through RWE collaborations.

RWE has the power to change lives. It can allow for new treatments to come to market faster, but most importantly it provides valuable insight on how they perform where it really counts: real life.

To harness the full potential of RWE for treatment optimisation and research, we need to unlock the most critical data scource: hospital data.

Improving quality of care through RWE collaborations
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Insights generated by RWE are only as qualitative as the data source.

In the past, the siloed nature of hospital systems and privacy concerns served as a major bottleneck for it’s inclusion in RWE generation strategies.

As a result, traditional RWE generation efforts relied on accessible but sub-par data sources, leading to data relevance issues and incomplete datasets. The only resort used to be chart review and Observational studies, which are in many cases prohibitively expensive.

We help you generate the RWE you need by making RWD actionable

Currently, only around 20% of hospital data is used for outcomes improvement and research. The remaining 80% is scattered and unstructured. As a result, this data is not available for research collaborations with other stakeholders.

LynxCare helps hospitals harmonize and aggregate their structured & unstructured data into a clinical grade OMOP data warehouse, unlocking a previously untapped source of RWD.

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Data governance matters.

LynxCare was founded from an individual patient's need. Securing patient's interest is at our core. We are convinced data should also serve a bigger scientific purpose so it can help new treatments and other patients, however never purely commercial interests.

As such, LynxCare advocates for clear data governance structures (i.e. ethical and data committees) that science and patient's interests are safeguarded. With proper data governance in place, trust in data is ensured, so stakeholders can collaborate efficiently.

Say goodbye to privacy concerns. Say hello to multi-center RWE studies.

As the hospital remains in control of the data, it can be made available for research collaborations with the Life Sciences industry - without transfer of data ownership. This is the concept of a federated approach, as shared by the European Health Data and Evidence Network.

Additionally, data stored in OMOP format adheres to the FAIR data principle. This allows Hospitals to participate in federated data networks, enabling multi-center, multi-stakeholder RWE collaborations.

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Bridging the gap

LynxCare bridges the gap between healthcare organisations and your ability to collect RWD.

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Deployed over many therapeutic domains


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Clinical Context
Breast cancer
Breast cancer
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)
Lung cancer
Lung cancer
Multiple myeloma


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Heart Failure
Heart failure
Atrial Fibrillation
Atrial Fibrillation

Rare diseases

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Rare diseases
Rare diseases


Clinical Context
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)
Multiple myeloma

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Benefits across your life science company

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Increase quality & completeness of data sets

  • Easily identify and set up fit-for-purpose data sets, across multiple institutes
  • Get access to data beyond RCTs by building data-relations with hospitals on top of LynxCare
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Cost-efficient RWE insights

  • Reduce time spent on validating data sets by deploying artificial intelligence to do the extraction
  • Find data that is highly relevant to your product positioning by filtering
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Collect data within the correct legal and ethical frameworks

  • Comply with regulatory frameworks such as GDPR by using LynxCare’s validated data aggregation and storage methods
  • Simplify access management within the hospital, within your team and beyond
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Maximize potential for commercial success

  • Use more RWD/ RWE to improve successful reimbursement studies and collaborations
  • Generate fit-for-purpose datasets by collaborating across hospitals and regions
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Reduce products’ time-to-market

  • Launch faster with more data available
  • Solve clinical and budgetary uncertainties to ensure successful market entry
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Scale up

  • Scale up across languages and countries
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Solidify your relations with healthcare organizations

  • Use the value-add LynxCare provides to healthcare organizations to establish a long-term relationship
  • Support your key opinion leaders by providing them tools that help them to perform more research
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  • Understand efficiency-efficacy gaps by working on broader data sets
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Simplify market surveillance data collection

  • Easily collect PREMs and PROMs on products, directly from the existing hospital data infrastructure