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80 percent of the real-world data you could be looking at is locked in EHR. LynxCare unlocks the potential of that data and aggregates all hospital data into a data warehouse where hospitals and life science companies collaborate.

Collect data to answer your hardest life science problems

What are the main complications in our target profile group? Which type of patients respond best to therapy?
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What is the indication split for this next generation immuno-oncology product and what is the respective survival?
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How can we support key reference centers with real-world clinical insights?
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An end-to-end data processing, analytics & research platform

By centralizing hospital and patient data in a segmented, clinical-grade data warehouse, we help hospitals across the globe improve patient outcomes and make Real-World Data accessible for research efficiently.

Data ingestion

LynxCare’s local agent is a secure gateway to on-premise data. It’s capable of near real-time synchronisation of hospital data sets such as EHR information as well as other bespoke software.
  • Local installed LynxCare gateway for secure transfer of HIS-data including an HL7 transformator (ORU messaging)
  • Structured, unstructured and semi-structured data sources

    Request more information about the LynxCare gateway.

Data Processing & aggregation
via LynxCare's targeted data mining models

Lynxcare’s context specific data mining models extract & code EHR data with an accuracy of > 90%, enabling data to be used for Quality Management & Research.
  • Predefined data point list
  • NLP & Machine learning
  • Quality control ( no black box algorithm)
  • Continuous retraining with an accuracy of >90% per datapoint
  • Coding & pseudonymisation (SNOMED CT / UMLS)

Clinical data warehousing infrastructure

Data is then brought together in a single, resilient & secure data warehouse. The data is always property of the hospital and is stored according to the latest version of the OHDSI common data model, simplifying international data collaborations.
  • OMOP model (OHDSI)
  • Hospital controlled tenant
  • Plugin your own BI/ admin warehouse or use the predefined quality & research templates

Data visualisation

Lynxcare supports a library of off-the-shelf dashboards that provide insights on top of the aggregated data. Together with our team of clinical exports, custom dashboards can be developed to fit your needs.
  • Predefined Queries & Template reports for clinical & outcome research
  • Build your own reports on top of the enriched data warehouse
  • Enriched with predefined Queries for ease of use ( buckets/ HIPAA regulation/ GDPR regulation)

Collaborate & Benchmark

  • Leverage high level insights in multicenter real world evidence studies
  • Setup a benchmark between hospital/ data network to have an objective view on the quality of care provided and possible optimisation processes (data-driven pathway optimizer)
  • Become a data-driven innovator measuring the impact of innovation in near-real time on your own population.

Lynxcare Knowledge Center

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Benefits across your life science company

LynxCare offers something for the entire team.

Increase quality & completeness of data sets

  • Easily identify and set up fit-for-purpose data sets, across multiple institutes
  • Get access to data beyond RCTs by building data-relations with hospitals on top of Lynxcare

Get cost-efficient access to data sets

  • Reduce time spent on validating data sets by deploying artificial intelligence to do the extraction
  • Find data that is highly relevant to your product positioning by filtering

Collect data within the correct legal frameworks

  • Comply with popular regulatory frameworks such as GDPR by using Lynxcare’s validated data aggregation & storage methods
  • Simplify access management within the hospital, within your team and beyond

Maximize potential for commercial success

  • Use more RWD/ RWE to improve successful reimbursement studies & collaborations
  • Generate truly fit-for-purpose datasets by collaborating across hospitals & regions

Reduce products’ time-to-market

  • Launch faster with more data available
  • Solve clinical & budgetary uncertainties to ensure successful market entry

Use across different disease areas

  • Build on top of Lynxcare’s template library to scale across different disease areas
  • Scale up across languages and countries, too

Solidify your relations with healthcare organisations

  • Use the value-add Lynxcare provides to healthcare organisations to establish a long-term relationship
  • Support your key opinion leaders by providing them tools that help them do perform more research

Benchmark across institutes and data sets

  • Compare data sets across regions, instutes, languages and disease areas
  • Understand efficiency-efficacy gaps by working on broader data sets

Simplify market surveillance data collection

  • Easily collect PREMs and PROMs on products, directly from the existing hospital data infrastructure

Bridging the gap

LynxCare bridges the gap between healthcare organisations and your ability to collect RWD.

From our COVID-19 collaboration with a top-5 pharmaceutical company:

  • Integration of in-hospital and in-home data capture providing a comprehensive picture of COVID-19 impact
  • Participation allows adaptation of data capture / data analysis to be better aligned with pharma's research needs (e.g. planning of clinical trials) ​
  • Network offers great source of additional data capture, e.g. genomic / samples / patient outcomes data and more
  • Through LynxCare, the hospital network will expand faster, e.g. 10 extra hospitals could be added in the next 2 months​
  • Lynxcare supports pharma's image as a responsible company that supports the capture and reuse of routine care data​
  • The COVID-RWD network provides a template for cross-hospital / cross-provider collaboration in Flanders  ​
  • Access to near real-time longitudinal data on COVID-patient cohort.​
  • For connected hospitals, retrospective data is also available​

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