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Generating the Real-World Evidence you need by making Real-World Data accessible
Learn more about how LynxCare makes finding Real-World Data to generate Real-World Evidence a matter of clicks, not years.
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Learn how the Orthopaedics department of ZOL efficiently created their own clinical data warehouse
Learn how LynxCare's technology allowed the Orthopaedics department of ZOL to efficiently create their Orthopaedic clinical data warehouse
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Unlock the full potential of the medical data of your Orthopaedic department
In this white paper, you'll find more information on unlocking the full potential of the medical data of your Orthopaedic department
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Driving clinical insights into your Cardiology department
In this one-pager, you'll find more information on how to answers these apparently simple questions.
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Research paper: Real-World Data for pharmaceutical companies
Given the demand for real-world data, we're assisting hospitals and pharma companies to generate real world evidence in a scalable and compliant (gdpr/HIPAA) way
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Testimonial: Patient's role in big data for healthcare
“What is the role of the patient in the story of big data?” Discover what the Director of Processes & Quality at OLV Ziekenhuis Aalst-Asse-Ninove replied to this question in the video.
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Customer testimonial: Driving clinical insights into Cardiology departments
Learn how a Cardiology network leverages the LynxCare platform to communicate their clinical performance, benchmark their quality of care and perform research.
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White paper: Driving insights into COVID-19
This white paper will explain how hospitals can accurately derive insights from their hospital infrastructure
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