Healthcare is one of, if not the, most important and impactful sectors to society. It is also one of the most rich in data, generated from care providers, clinical trials, research and more. However, this same magnitude and variety of data makes it difficult for providers to effectively utilize it for improved patient outcomes.

Who is LynxCare

LynxCare is a data mining SaaS platform that helps healthcare organizations extract insights from siloed, structured and unstructured data sources in hospital information systems - to improve patient outcomes and enable scientific research. Georges De Feu is co-founder and CEO of LynxCare. The idea was conceived when interacting with doctors and patient advocates Michael Victoroff and Sharon Stone, realizing that quality follow-up care is an ongoing challenge for patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs). The primary reason for this is the siloed and unstructured nature of healthcare data. LynxCare has built cutting-edge data mining and natural language processing (NLP) technology that is able to extract meaningful clinical information at >90% accuracy (multi-language) – outclassing all other solutions on the market. LynxCare is currently active in 35 hospitals across Belgium, Netherlands, and the US, and partnered with 5 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies to enable disease insights and accelerate go-to-market.


Privacy regulations like GDPR in Europe and State regulations (e.g. California) in the United States protect the use of personal and sensitive data. However, they also make data exchange more difficult than ever and sometimes infeasible between organizations. This is a challenge especially since enabling data and/or insights exchange is a key driver for holistic patient care and thorough life sciences research. In particular, data anonymization poses a challenge for healthcare organizations – leaving out identifiers no longer provides sufficient guarantees of re-identification. The more granular the data, the higher the benefit for both patient and research. At the same time – this also demands a greater need for solutions that render data anonymous yet actionable.

Solution with Decentriq

In order for healthcare organizations to use granular data in an actionable yet compliant way, LynxCare is working with Decentriq to provide a provably secure and encrypted data layer embedded in the LynxCare platform. A secure, cryptography-based enclave enables healthcare organizations to use the information for outcomes improvement and research without breaching patient privacy. “LynxCare can unlock insights based on very granular data that no one else is able to unlock - but the more granular the data is, the more identifiable it becomes,” says De Feu. “When our client healthcare organizations want to use that information e.g. for research purposes, there must be a data security layer in between to keep the data inaccessible during computation and to ensure anonymous output. LynxCare needs to have best-in-class privacy enhancing technologies, and that is why we are working with Decentriq.”

LynxCare needs to have best-in-class privacy enhancing technologies, and that is why we are working with Decentriq - Georges De Feu, CEO & Co-founder LynxCare

Easily collaborate on sensitive data with Decentriq

Decentriq is a cloud based SaaS platform to easily share, analyze and collaborate on sensitive data - with anyone – without risk of exposure. Decentriq’s platform uses advanced encryption-in-use technology called confidential computing to ensure data is provably anonymous to all parties at all times. Decentriq is easily scalable and securely deployed in the public cloud, so users can start collaborating on sensitive data in just minutes. The platform is flexible and works with many use cases - a stand alone analytics platform or an API into your existing infrastructure. No additional IT investment need.