October 27th 2021 – Illustrating LynxCare’s commitment to open-source common data models, the European Health Data and Evidence Network (EHDEN) has awarded LynxCare the certificate of EHDEN SME partner. To obtain this LynxCare has successfully completed the training curriculum for the standardisation of health data to the OMOP Common Data Model and installation of the analytical tools.  

LynxCare strongly supports the open-source OMOP Common Data Model as this futureproof model facilitates the international collaboration between healthcare actors. Such collaborations enable insights and evidence from real-world clinical data to be generated at scale, supporting patients, clinicians, regulators, industry and research insititutions in better understanding on disease, treatments, outcomes and new therapeutics and devices.

“Harmonized hospital data is key to unlock insights on the quality of care, clinical pathways, to develop new therapeutics and improve patient outcomes.”, says Georges De Feu, co-founder and CEO of LynxCare.

EHDEN aspires to enable transparent and reproducible research using real-world data at an unprecedented scale. This will allow better regulatory decision-making, better outcomes, and ultimately better care for patients across Europe. To achieve this, EHDEN is creating a large-scale, federated network of harmonised data sources standardised to the OMOP common data model.

LynxCare has been an EHDEN data partner since August 2020. As an EHDEN data partner LynxCare committed to standardise its data according to the OMOP-CDM.  Now that LynxCare is also an SME partner, they can provide support in the standardisation process and installation of the analytical infrastructure to other organisations.

About LynxCare
Lynxcare is a Belgium-based scale-up and the market leader in Big Data platforms for hospitals. They enable hospitals to build insights over scattered datasources through AI and NLP techniques, to improve patient outcomes and make Real-World Data accessible for Life Sciences research. LynxCare was founded in 2016 by Georges De Feu (Pharm.D.) and Dries Hens (M.D.), is active in both EU as USA, and is backed by leading Venture Capital investors like Heran (BE) and BtoV (CH, DE) partners.