Real-World Evidence

Generating the Real-World Evidence you need by making Real-World Data accessible

Real-World Evidence (RWE) has the power to change lives. It can allow for new treatments to come to market faster, but most importantly it provides valuable insights on how they perform where it really counts: real life. To harness the full potential of RWE for treatment optimization and research, we need to unlock the most critical data source: hospital data.

Petabytes of healthcare data are generated each day. Unfortunately, only 20% of that data is currently used for research and evidence generation. The rest remains locked in siloed databases and unstructured formats such as narrative text.

Our mission is to help hospitals unlock the full potential of their data using AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

LynxCare centralizes all structured and unstructured hospital data into a centralized, clinical data warehouse, enabling the primary and secondary use of the data.

As the hospital remains in control of the data, it can be made available for RWE collaborations with the Life Sciences industry - without transfer of data ownership. This is the concept of a federated approach, as shared by the European Health Data and Evidence Network.

Additionally, data is stored in OMOP format so it adheres to the FAIR data principle. This allows hospitals to participate in federated data networks, enabling multi-center, multi-stakeholder RWE collaborations.

LynxCare is facilitating strategic RWE collaborations between a growing network of hospitals and life science companies in the EU. These established federated networks enable qualitative RWE generation at scale across oncology and cardiology within a strict legal and ethical framework.

➡ Contact us to explore together how we can assist you in accelerating and expanding your research with timely, granular and regulatory-grade Real-World Data.



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