CLL Patient Journey Insights from Fresh Quality-Assured Real-World Data

Our granular and quality-controlled real-world dataset allows in-depth analysis and research into the CLL patient journey.

In today's data-rich landscape, the challenge isn't in the scarcity of information, but in the ability to extract meaningful insights from the wealth of available data.

Explore how LynxCare's vast and validated CLL datasets developed from EU electronic health records can serve as a platform for in-depth analysis and research into the CLL patient journey.

  • On which treatment cycle are patients? What is the dosage of medication at initiation and in maintenance phase?
  • How many patients initiated, switched, added, or remained on the same treatment?
  • Are patients returning on time to stay on treatment? Are treatment interruptions observed?
  • What was the clinical outcome of the treatment? How long does it take for patients to achieve recovery or remission?
  • What are the potential risks and adverse effects associated with a medication?

Discover more research questions in CLL we can help answer.


* LynxCare datasets concern datasets within the LynxCare hospital network. The hospitals are the data controllers. No commitment before site approval on RWE request.



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