Amaron is a Belgian company specialized in Healthcare interoperability solutions, services and consulting in Europe. It delivers assistance to Healthcare institutions, connecting the healthcare community to the various sources of medical, administrative and clinical information. In addition, it aims to bring “open source” products – combined with experience and customization support – to fill in the gaps of today’s healthcare IT offering.

During the past few months, Amaron has held negotiations with a number of companies in order to establish sustainable partnerships.

We, at LynxCare, are proud to be one of these partners.

Combining expertise

A first joint integration has already been realized in Belgium at East Limburg Hospital and two other projects are in the pipeline at AZ Nikolaas and Cliniques de L’Europe hospitals.

LynxCare’s software is a perfect match for Amaron’s expertise: as LynxCare interprets the data, Amaron knows where the data actually is and how it can be unlocked.

At ZOL Genk, in Belgium, Lynxcare and Amaron have jointly developed a solution that allows the automatic processing of patient reports. Amaron ensures that doctors in the hospital collect the data they need from Chipsoft (the new EHR from ZOL) while the AI engine from LynxCare converts the reports – which are supplied as text – into coded concepts (SNOMED & ICD-10). The doctors can then either visualize the processed data via a dashboard (e.g – during a consultation) or use the data for statistics and scientific research.

This solution is already successful in the Orthopedics department. The next step is to make the solution operational in the entire hospital.

Furthermore, together  with Amaron and ZOL, we are looking at ways to integrate our technologies with third-party applications – in accordance to the internationally accepted HL7 / FHIR standards.

What’s next?

We are excited about the progress that has been made with Amaron and are looking forward to our next collaboration: The release of an automated work-flower, using source medical reports in order to automate a number of mandatory registrations.