At LynxCare we encourage our users to contact our DPO for any questions.

Last updated:  
January 12, 2022

Data Protection Officer

A Data Protection Officer (or DPO) carries responsibility for the compliance posture of your business in relation to the GDPR. The DPO is tasked with monitoring all data processing activities on an ongoing basis. The GDPR stipulates that you need to appoint a DPO if your core activity covers data processing of any type.

The DPO ensures that any necessary changes are being made to bring operations in line with the regulations. Next to overseeing the creation of privacy policies and other relevant documents, this might also include giving advise on necessary changes to the organisation's data collection practises.

The DPO acts as the primary liaison for any employees who may have questions about the company's data processing policies, as well as customers or members of the public.

They are responsible for acting on any data subject access requests (DSAR) for correction or deletion requests that the business may receive.

The DPO also acts as the company's primary point of contact with the local regulator on any matters relating to data protection or data privacy. If a data breach occurs within a company, the DPO is responsible for alerting the regulator within the GDPR-mandated 72-hour time period.

Training and awareness on Data Privacy is also considered one of the DPO's responsibilities. The DPO conducts regular trainings and audits to ensure that the company staff are fully aware of the organisation's guidelines and legal responsibilities on data handling.

You can contact our data protection officer as follows:

email: privacy@lynxcare.eu

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