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Data Driving Outcomes.

LynxCare collaborates with leading global hospitals to streamline insight-generation for the increasingly large hospital data infrastructure​

LynxCare, founded in 2015, is a Belgian scale-up aiming to use big data to make hospital healthcare more efficient. It is estimated that 90% of healthcare data is not being used, due to processing time. To assist hospitals and help them evolve towards value-based care and a quality-oriented healthcare system, the LynxCare acts as a partner for hospitals in processing and making their data available in a structured and automatic manner. This is done by using the LynxCare AI platform that offers benefits to patients, physicians, care staff and the hospital as a whole.


As a Research/ medical content writer intern, you will put theory into practice, alongside people from all departments of the LynxCare team, you will handle a wide range of tasks. Interns contribute to the scientific knowledge base of LynxCare by creating new application notes, writing articles, conducting desk research and developing new applications. Your main role as an intern will be to deliver scientific resources on a consistent basis that can be shared with potential and existing clients. During the internship, interns are expected to collaborate with other interns, developers and the marketing and sales team, present findings and contribute to our company culture.

You will be responsible for facilitating the sales team with resources that can assure surgeons to implement our LynxCare solution. Furthermore, you will get the chance to work closely with the clinical, software engineering, data science teams to explore new opportunities. During the internship, you will learn a vital skillset in a healthcare industry that is constantly innovating and becoming multidisciplinary.


Internship for a minimum of 8 weeks. Possibility to work part- or fulltime and take breaks for other holiday plans.

• You are fluent in English and speak Dutch or French

• You are an EU national

• You are enrolled as a Science Bachelor or Master (preferably medicine or bio-engineering)

• You are familiar with scientific writing

• You have a willingness to learn and work hard

• You have an entrepreneurial mindset and a willingness to take initiatives

• You have excellent communication skills (both written and spoken)


• Open, respectful and fun company culture

• Have a measurable impact on the company's growth

• Grow your multidisciplinary soft skills

• The internship is paid (depending on the commitment of the intern)

• Nice afterwork's with a young and dynamic team

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