Cloud- and systems support engineer

About the job

As cloud- and systems engineer at LynxCare, you will be responsible for managing, maintaining, and supporting our cloud resources. Next to that, you will be in charge of (IT) asset management and support our team with their IT-related questions.

At LynxCare, we deploy a wide range of resources in the cloud. This makes for a very versatile environment on which we can deploy and scale quickly. As a cloud and systems engineer, you will help and support your colleagues from the IT-team with deploying new applications and features. You will be in charge of setting up monitoring, logging and you will automate this as much as possible.

A part of your task will be to support the entire (growing) LynxCare team with all their technical questions. Whether it’s an SQL query the operational team is trying to debug or a workstation reset, you are the woman/men/x they call! You are the first point of contact when someone from LynxCare has issues or questions, and you will work closely with the development team to solve issues.

As LynxCare works with sensitive data, you will help set up and maintain a comprehensive and compliant identity- and access management solution.

For all of these tasks, we seek a starter or junior candidate with a high willingness to learn on the job and a problem-solving mentality. You like to think in solutions rather than problems.

You should know/own or are willing to deep-dive in the following technologies and skills:

  • Search engines are your best friends because you can’t know everything.
  • Azure Cloud
  • General scripting (bash/Python/..)
  • GIT
  • Monitoring- and logging solutions (Azure Application insights)
  • general SQL knowledge, notions of NoSQL (MongoDB, Elasticsearch) are a plus
  • A debugging mindset. You can quickly spot (potential) problems in IT infrastructure. You can distinguish a database issue from a CSS issue just by looking at the error message.
  • General Windows 10 knowledge. Users will come to you for everything they need to get their work done. After you’ve done it once, we’ll try to automate it using technologies like Intune.
  • You are not afraid to get your hands dirty, whether it’s writing advanced queries to analyse logs or picking up a screwdriver to switch out a harddrive.
  • You document the work you do. This helps troubleshooting and frees up your time for other things.
  • Atlassian toolset (Jira/Confluence/Bitbucket)

The following list are nice-to-haves, but you will have the time to learn about these remarkable technologies:

  • Docker (build/test/push containers)
  • Infrastructure-as-code (Terraform)
  • (automated) testing
  • CI/CD (Azure DevOps, bash scripting, Maven, npm,..)
  • Identity- and access management (Azure AD, Identity Protection, Privileged Identity Management, Conditional Access,..)

While we are looking for a candidate with broad knowledge, we don’t expect you to know all of the above things. Because you learn fast, this won’t be a problem for you! We will give you the opportunity to prove your gained knowledge by taking certifications because if you learn things, the company learns as well!

As we want you to be as approachable as possible, we expect you (after Corona) to be present in our Leuven office the majority of your time.

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